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    ActivityStream and Embedded Experiences supported?


      Hi everyone,


      before putting hours and hours into trial-and-error, I thought I'd ask the question here:


      For Jive8 and external stream objects, there's this Jive extension to embed an app canvas as embedded experience. How to embed an app within an external stream object Very cool.



      However, there's the Activities REST API that (in theory) supports the OpenSocial Specification like this:


      Step 1) Jive REST API v3.13 → Activity entity supports the OpenSocial Field



      OpenSocial extensions to the standard Activity Streams format.


      Step 2) The Jive REST API v3.13 → OpenSocial entity supports the Embedded Field



      Metadata about an OpenSocial Embedded Experience associated with this activity.

      Step 3) The Jive REST API v3.13 → Embedded entity supports the Context and Gadget fields and quotes the OpenSocial specification for Embedded Experiences.


      FieldTypeMode Description

      Open ended collection of data that describes, to an OpenSocial gadget, exactly what content to render. For example, a gadget that renders a person's profile information will need to know which profile to display, The set of keys in the context field is undefined, but the field MUST NOT include a key with the value openSocial, which is reserved for use by a container implementation.


      URI of the OpenSocial gadget definition document that describes the gadget to be embedded. Either gadget or url (but not both) MUST be present.


      Open ended collection of properties that describe the preferred way that the creator of the embedded experience would like containers to render the content. Think of this as "view" characteristics, while the contextelement represents "model" characteristics.


      Either an http/https URI of an image that can be used as a preview for the embedded content, or a data: URI containing the bits of the preview image.


      URL to a web page that allows virtually any web-accessible resource to be used as an embedded experience. Either gadget or url (but not both) MUST be present.


      My Question:


      So, in theory it's all there to embed a URL or OpenSocial gadget into the ActivityStream entry we're posting. However, I haven't seen this in action, neither in Jive7 nor in Jive8. Is this supported and has anyone got it working? What's the user experience? A modal, as in the !App Embedded Experience? If it's not supported, we don't have to waste our time trying...






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