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    Express server listening on :::8090


      Hi, I'm a total novice in the developer land, but I've been trying to follow the tutorials and get started.


      One thing that I've run into on both nitrous.io and my own local install of the sdk is after I start the service with app.js, the log print states:


      Express server listening on :::8090


      And I am subsequently unable to connect to the service via the web interface.


      In watching a demo from Jiveworld (Purposeful Places – Integrate Using Tiles, Streams and Templates - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM  at time 13:12), it looks like there should be a server name in front of the port number, but there isn't.  That leads me to believe it isn't truly listening and why I cannot connect.


      It doesn't matter what I've put in to the jiveclientconfiguration.json for the clientUrl, I am unable to get the log print to ever list a server name.


      Any thoughts or am I barking up the wrong tree and that print is expected?