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    Create document action


      Does anybody know which action is called when we click the "publish" button when creating a document (file soy/content/document/create.soy) ?
      It seems to be linked to

      <form class="j-form" method="post" name="create-document" id="create-document">


      , but don't know where it goes next...


      I would like to do some custom code after creating the document, but before getting redirected to the document.
      I thought it would be in

              <action name="doc-publish" class="com.jivesoftware.community.action.PublishDocumentAction">
                  <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack"/>
                  <interceptor-ref name="token"/>
                  <result name="success" type="redirect">/docs/${document.documentID}</result>


      but when I overwrite this action, it doesn't seem to be the good one.