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    custom .profileMenu template renders on localhost but not on hosted instance


      We are upgrading from 7 to 8, and things seem fine except that one theme customization is not being picked up.   .profileMenu template is in satelliteNav.soy, which IS rendering.  I added some classes as "flags" to designate whether the custom template or the standard Jive one.


      the customized .satelliteNav template renders both locally and on the hosted instance


      However, the profileMenu popup is called via javascript.


      The customized .profileMenu renders fine on localhost, but does not render on the hosted instance.   There, the standard Jive version renders. 



      Any idea why this would happen?



      UPDATE:  I have filed a ticket with Jive, as this appears to be a caching issue.  I isolated it by creating a new theme for the hosted instance where the only change to stock Jive8 is a comment in profileMenu, set that as global theme, and then reset the timestamp in jive.resources.salt.  I then went to the hosted site in a different browser in incognito mode, logged in and when I clicked to reveal the profileMenu, the comment was not in the page.  To me, that points to a cache issue


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