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    Profile missing personal information




      Before the recent upgrade, when out members signed up to join our community, we would see their company information on their profile (making it simple to validate their account).

      Since the upgrade, that personal information is no longer listed:


      Is this something we can have re-added to the members profile page?

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          Hi Nettie,


          I'm sorry to hear about the unexpected change in profile display.  If there are any additional fields visible, then you should see a "View more details" button, e.g.:


          Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.10.35 PM.png


          Clicking on this should present you with a float modal displaying the additional fields.  Please ensure that the fields aren't set to private, or that the profile fields were populated.  Empty fields may not display here.



          Jeph Yang

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            If it helps, this is what use to show in that blank area...

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              I am just noticing this issue for us- we require Company Name when profiles are created, but now that information is no longer showing up. same for email addresses. Please see below picture for example- note that I can see the email because I am an admin, but my cowoker could not. Is there a way to mass  update all profiles to display company name and email to all registered users? Or does the individual have the ability to hide this?