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    Issues with Add-Ons(App Twister)


      Had developed add-ons(psltwister) for twister space ,the below listed 3 modules(tabs) are not working.

      1. My Packets
      2. Post Work
      3. Search Work

      these 3 modules were functioning properly before reducing the account limit .Could you please help us to find solution why that add-on not working properly ?

      Please find screen shot .

      We are hosting add-ons on Heroku .

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          Hi Vishal,


          I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've had with your custom add-on.  As this falls under development work and is outside the scope of Jive Customer Support, I've moved the discussion to the Jive Developers for input from the greater development community.  In the future, feel free to post your development questions directly there as needed.



          Jeph Yang