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    Jive Research with Deskless Workers


      Hi everyone!


      I'm Rian, a Product Designer here at Jive. We are currently planning some research with Jive customers who have a lot of deskless workers (generally these are manufacturing or factory workers who don't have a corporate email address). We want to understand the needs of these users better so we can make better products for them.


      So with that in mind, I'm looking for companies who I can come visit in the December/January timeframe. I'm hoping to speak to 5 of the following people for an hour each:

      • Admins who administer access for deskless workers (1 person).
      • Deskless workers in factories/manufacturing/etc (4 people).


      If anyone is interested and available, please let me know! Every participant gets a $100 Amazon gift certificate for their time, if that helps to sweeten the deal



      /cc Sandy Cook Adam Mertz — please share with any specific customers you can think of.