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    Need Help to Improve Search



      We use Jive to support collaboration on project engagements. These projects are subject to privacy considerations and as such we use Jive Groups with "private" settings. Good news is that the existence of these groups is public to the community but the content is only accessible to authorized persons who's accounts are members of group. This is what we want. But we do have a need for that content to be discoverable in a search, though still not accessible to anyone not authorized to have it. They should be able to request information about it, or in some situations access to it. In reading Jive's documentation on Groups, it appears that "Members only" will allow access to the content.


      Please share your experiences with Private and Members Only groups and how you have addressed this need if you have it.


      Much obliged in advance,



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          Hi David,


          I understand you're looking for a way to enable search for project content in "Private" social groups.  Unfortunately, the entitlements that control a user's view access to content also controls their search access as well, so this cannot be configured out of the box.  I see that you inquired about "Members Only" social group, but I don't believe this will work in your use case, since content here is visible to non-members (the caveat is that in order to participate, you must join the group).


          To workaround this, I might recommend creating a visible document (e.g. in a public place) that links to the other private content.  Users who click on the links will then be prompted to request access to the private group.


          Let me know if you had any other questions on this.



          Jeph Yang