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    Get email preferences via API

    Bryce Gilhooly



      I'm not entirely sure if this is possible with the v3 REST API, but I'm hoping to find a way to report on how users have their email preferences set.


      When I hit the /people/username/my.name@email.com endpoint, I don't see anything returned that would contain that data, nor is there anything in the 'resources' of the response.


      Any thoughts on this?



        • Re: Get email preferences via API


          Email preferences are not set in a user's profile, but they are set on a user's streams.

          When you get a user data using the api you have mentioned, in the resources you will find streams api url.

          When you hit that api url, you will get all streams a user has and also what the "receiveEmail" status of every stream.

          Note that inbox is represented as Communications stream in this. Other streams are represented with their original names.