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    What is your approach/guidelines to handling requests from users/place owners to explore <style> and <script> html code, which is currently restricted to System Admins?


      We are a 2.5 year old hosted, on prem community running Jive 7.0.1.  As our community matures, we are getting more and more requests from our users (26,000 +) to allow them to "do more".  This is completely understandable as Jive is our social intranet.  We are currently in the process of discussing our approach/guidelines to handling these requests- specifically from users/place owners (and users working with mktg partners) to explore <style> and <script> html code, which is currently restricted to System Admins.


      The advice we have received so far....

      As far as Jive's out-of-box feature for HTML widget is concerned, only System Admins will be allowed to save such widgets containing <style> and <script> tags without them being stripped. Because when it comes to usage of advanced coding involving meticulous use of Javascript and Cascading Stylesheets in HTML widgets, System Admins are expected to have better technical knowledge and hence more control and responsibility to this user type. The stripping is done for any other type of user to preserve the integrity of the software.


      So my question is- where do you draw the line?  What have your experiences been and how have they worked for you?


      cc: Jason Clemens Chris Cucci brian jennings