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    Does Jive Cloud support the <Optional feature="content-rewrite"> element in the ModulePrefs collection inside a Jive App's app.xml file?


      I can get this to work (forcing all css and javascript files to be proxied or not, depending on settings) in my local Jive 8 development environment. However, when my AddOn is deployed to a cloud instance, it will never proxy css and javascript files, regardless of how I have the feature configured.


      My current configuration, that should cause all app css and js files to be proxied through the jive backend:


      <Optional feature="content-rewrite">

           <Param name="include-url">*</Param>

           <Param name="minify-css">false</Param>

           <Param name="minify-js">false</Param>

           <Param name="minify-html">false</Param>



      Again, this works great in my local Jive development configured for single subdomain AddOn domain security.

      It does not work when I configure the AddOn in a Cloud instance.