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    Confusing message for deleted or non-existent places

    Dennis Pearce

      Yesterday I deleted a group and then clicked on an email link to it just to make sure it was deleted.  I happened to notice that when content doesn't exist, Jive shows this message:



      But when a place doesn't exist, we get this message:


      Has it always been this way?  This seems pretty confusing, because it implies that the place actually does exist but that the user doesn't have access.  Wouldn't it be better to have a message like the first one?

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          Hi Dennis,


          Thanks for raising this report around the unexpected HTTP response for the deleted place.  I've looked through similar bugs but didn't see any bugs or feature change requests filed for this.  I did do a quick test against my 6.0.5 environment as a comparison and see what you meant, as the "Not Found" response is served for both.  I believe further investigation may be required, so I would encourage submitting a support case in your Jive Community customer group for further investigation.



          Jeph Yang