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    Are these instructions accurate? Rebuilding Search Index

    Frank Field Advanced

      I went to explore how to move a space and in the process saw an alert to "rebuild the search index" after moving a space.

      Looking up the instructions for that here: Search Index Rebuilding , I saw that they don't match the current admin console.

      So, what ARE the up to date instructions for rebuilding the search?

      I see System>Settings>Search> and THEN you see this:

      Rebuild user index

      Initiate a full content index rebuild, which will create an entirely new index with all data. Index rebuilds can take considerably longer than index updates. Rebuilds are generally only required if the search index becomes corrupted (for example, if the application server shuts down while an index update is occurring).

      I assume this is right?  How long does it take? What happens to the site while this goes on?

      Anybody know?