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    Groups or subspaces?


      Hello, hope this discussion post finds you all well.

      I'm generating an internal community structure where I could use your input. (I've viewed videos and read documents on this subject but none that fully clarify which is the best option for me).

      • Groups gives me the ability to make the title visible and the flexibility of a pseudo automated way to request and approve access. It doesn't give me the ability to build "sub-groups" or truly link the group to a subspace and create a hierarchy or map.
      • Subspaces allows me to build a hierarchy (the subspaces and children I'm planning will be permanent) and create layers with different permissions for different teams but does not let me expose private subspaces' titles to the broader community, for them to know there is a subspace they may benefit from having access to.
        • One way to get around this is to expose a link/icon using the formatted text widget so that the user can click on it but would get an error message and to contact the admin. Admin then has to go through a couple of steps to give them access.
        • The other variable to think about is exposing the names of the children subspaces in the parent subspace title or description so that they can be found during a search.


      I could have a subspace landing page with links to many groups but that then means there is not automatic mapping, no linked layers with different permissions and no user groups.

      • So if John X joins the team, I have to give him access to my 20 groups manually, instead of simply adding him to my user group which all the subspaces are using under permissions.
      • I have to create and maintain a map (instead of using one of the widgets)
      • I lose the ability to create layers with different permissions


      I'm leaning towards using the landing page with links to groups but wondering if someone has done something similar and if they have any recommendations.

      Thanks in advance.