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    Add Link in "Actions" in a group




      I want to add a link in "Actions" in group.

      I found out the links are coming from ui-components.xml.To add a link do i need to override this xml. Is there any way of creating an entry from spring.xml like I have tried to add a link in manage.


      If overriding ui-components.xml is the only option how do I override this in my plugin.


      Any pointers are appreciated




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          You don't need to overlay the file.. simply add your customisations/overrides into this file;




          We use that to add extra menu items for certain content types, or alter the behaviour of built-in menu items (like making them appear for Guest users).

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              Oh, and if you're working purely with plugins, you can add things that were meant to go into ui-components into plugin.xml instead. This hasn't changed any time recently so any docs you find for Jive 6 upwards will still be valid (possibly since Jive 4!).

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                  Thanks for the prompt reply Matt


                  I researched further and got couple of documents.


                  In jive fu plugin we had a very nice example for links in coomunity/ social groups and projects.



                  jive-fu-plugin/plugin.xml at master · jivesoftware/jive-fu-plugin · GitHub


                  It works like magic.


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                      Hello ,


                      A quick question. I am not able to pass the group name in the params.

                      Am I going wrong anywhere?

                      If I add this in FTL I can render the group name.

                      Any pointers.


                      <component id="socialgroup-actions">

                                  <tab id="socialgroup-actions-tab">

                                      <item id="jive-link-create-socialgroup-foo" name="xxx.copy.xxx.link" cssClass="jive-icon-med jive-icon-group">

                                          <when><![CDATA[SocialGroupPermHelper.getCanContributeToSocialGroup(socialGroup, user)]]></when>



                                                  <@s.url action='/xxx.jspa'>

                                                      <@s.param name='selectedContainerName' value='${socialGroup.name?html}'/>







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                  The link I added shows in the actions widget but not in the actions dropdown beside about/manage.


                  Any pointers for that?

                  Thanks ,


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                      Ah, that menu is done differently.. via spring-etc.xml .. this is how we get an extra settings menu item to appear;


                      <bean id="e14PlaceManageLinks" class="com.jivesoftware.community.util.spring.MergeableCollection" parent="placeManageLinks" scope="prototype">
                          <property name="source">
                              <util:list value-type="com.jivesoftware.community.web.component.ActionLink" scope="prototype">
                                  <ref bean="e14PlaceManageSettingsExtraLink"/>
                          <property name="mergeIndex" value="1"/>
                      <bean id="e14PlaceManageSettingsExtraLink" class="com.premierfarnell.community.places.E14PlaceManageSettingsExtraLink" parent="actionLinkBase" scope="prototype">
                          <property name="ID" value="e14-place-link-manage-settings-extra"/>
                          <property name="nameKey" value="e14.place.manage.settings.link"/>
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                      Sorry for resuming a discussion so old, but even following that example no link is displayed on the UI.


                      I'm actually using Jive 9. Is something maybe changed?


                      Am I doing something wrong? Here there is a Pastebin as reference: https://pastebin.com/tYFHHjSw