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    Jive8 in Group Features and Activity "Apply" is not working but working in jive7 is it bug in jive8?




      I have 2 environments Jive7 and Jive8


      In jive7 Group-->manage- settings--gear icon-->under Group Features and Activity I can edit blogs,documents discussions, polls, projects to add/remove and then click "apply" button to get the changes to display for a group i have created before clicking the "save" button.


      But in Jive8 i need to click the save button every time to display the changes for blogs,documents discussions, polls, projects.

      When i click the Apply buttons changes is not updated for jive8.


      is it a bug in Jive8 where Apply is not working or this feature is removed in jive8 , but still available in Jive7?


      Please confirm.




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