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    uploading pictures to Jive isn't working anymore


      Someone in our company can no longer upload images to Jive.  I've searched the web and not found a solution, any ideas?



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          Hi Devon,


          I'm sorry to hear that someone isn't able to upload images.  To help understand what's going on here, could you please provide more details on what's not working and perhaps screen a screenshot of what the user is seeing?  And is this limited to just that user, or other users as well?


          Most image related permissions are configured under Permissions > Home Page Permissions, so please be sure that the user is provisioned here for images.  You may use the "User access check" link to verify what the user has been assigned.




          Jeph Yang

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              This is happening to me and I put up a post but still no solution: Re: Uploading photos


              It is very frustrating because I have been for months trying to figure this out and still whenever I try to upload a photo into a blog post it says my image is too big despite that it is well under the limit (in the KB range, not even up to 1 MB when the limit is 4.88!) Jeph if you can help I appreciate it. Seems there is no documentation anywhere on the Jive community that I can find.


              Jeph if you can help me I'd appreciate it! I have full admin.