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    Date format and time

    John Schwiller Guru

      I raised a case earlier but adding it here to allow others to comment.


      For integrated Chime and Jive, in an international environment, we need date and time format to respect the user's settings on Jive - for example if locale is United Kingdom Jive uses DD/MM/YY and 24hr clock. Or as a second best to be able to set these directly on their Chime profile.

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          Hi John,


          This is something we will have to look into. On the mobile clients hopefully we can detect the proper timezone and the related format that goes with that. On desktop I'm not sure this is information we get from the application so is something that might have to be passed down from Jive-n.


          Will look more into this and no answer on timeline and when we can get it into the roadmap yet.