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    Not able to change group of an user


      Hi all,


      since some days, I am not able anymore to add new users to a user group. I follow the steps to create a user -> this is sucessfull and the user gets an e-mail and can log in.


      The problem is, that if I go to the admin console to "User Search", the user is not visible in the view. I just find him by searching by the whole e-mail adress. Additionally, I cannot grant him access to one of the "User groups" we have.

      Do you have any idea,what the problem is?




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          Hi Michael,


          I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced while searching for the user and adding him to a user group.  If the issue around adding him in to the user group is also because you're unable to search for him, then I'd recommend performing a user search index rebuild under System > Settings > Search > User Search > Index Tasks.  This may take some minutes to some hours, depending on how many users you have, so I would suggest doing this off peak hours.


          If the issue persists, please submit a support case in your private Jive Community customer group for direct troubleshooting assistance.



          Jeph Yang