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    Traffic sources to JiveX instance?


      Hi. I manage an external community that has a number of blogs for which I report views and engagement metrics. In addition, we promote certain blogs through our social properties (namely Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). When we promote a blog via social, we see the view numbers go up on the blog almost immediately. That's a good thing.


      However, I've been doing some testing, where the author promotes his blog post through his personal Twitter stream. Predictably, he sees the blog view numbers go up almost immediately after he tweets. However (this is where the issue is), his Twitter metrics show no one performing any action on his tweet. No favorites, no retweets, no comments.


      So, given the short period of time between tweeting and view number going up on the blog, there appears to be a correlation. But with no action taken on the tweet throws a wrench in there.


      Is there any way for me to see detailed traffic sources on a particular blog? Is there any way to concretely determine why views go up when a blog post is tweeted but the tweet itself seems to get no attention?


      We have tried tweeting from within the Jive social sharing tool as well as from the Twitter account itself.


      Any guidance is much appreciated.