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    Wanted: Advice on strategy/management of separate support vs. collaboration forums

    Adam Arrowsmith

      I'm in the design phase of migrating our existing user community to Jive-x (and very excited to be doing so!). I'm contemplating various site architecture and borrowing heavily from this here Jive Community. One thing in particular is having discussion/Q&A forums in both the "support" space (i.e. Jive Customer Support) as well as the collaboration-/interest-based (e.g. External Community Managers). Now I understand the strategic separation: support is for how-to and break/fix type questions and interest groups are for best practices and "anyone else doing XYZ", which is very well articulated in Support Community Implementation Guide.


      But I'm wondering how well this actually plays out in reality and how to manage, or if it just ends up being confusing for users: For THIS type of question I go HERE, but for THAT type of question I go THERE.


      For example:

      • Do you have different people responsible for responding in the different spaces, such as internal team responsible for responding to "support" forums (maybe even held to an SLA) but interest-based forums are purely community-managed by peers? I've noticed Jivers responding to both.
      • Do you ever escalate unanswered questions from the "interest" group to support to ensure they get answered?
      • How do you educate users to post in the correct forum? Do users get confused? In browsing these Jive forums I've seen similar types of questions in either place.
      • Do you find yourself constantly recommending users post in the other forum for better traction?


      I'm curious to get other CMs' take from both a strategy and practical management perspective. Thanks!