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    In your internal community, is everyone (including *you*) included in leaderboard calculations?


      Leaderboards and trending content widgets/tiles are great ways to surface content that casual users might not otherwise see. These tools can also be effective motivators for users who are frequent contributors and derive some satisfaction from their "15 minutes (seconds?) of fame" when something they post ends up drawing lots of views.


      As ECMs we obviously want to do everything we can to help all users find content that their colleagues have found of interest (via trending content), and also encourage frequent contributors and newbies alike to use their communities as much as possible (via leaderboards and trending people). The question is:


      Should all users be eligible for inclusion in these lists, even if their "day jobs" involve managing the community, or otherwise posting content that they otherwise probably wouldn't post? For instance, setting up a Help community could involve creating and posting dozens of new documents - each one contributing to an individual's status points.


      Please share your thoughts and input about whether this has come up at all in your communities; and if it has, what you ended up deciding to do about it, and why.