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    "View" permissions are allowing "replies" to discussions

      Hello Community Managers - We are running an external community on Jive 7.0.1 and are seeing an unexpected behavior for discussions that live in a user's own space. Our permissions are set to allowing Viewing by everyone, but to engage (i.e. to comment) you must be logged in.  See below from the Admin console:



      What we are seeing is that it is possible for a non-registered folks to add replies to discussions they see while browsing.


      The response from Jive Support is that this is somehow associated with our custom theme, but we are a bit flummoxed to understand how this could be the case. I am wondering if we've stumbled unwittingly across something that perhaps someone in community is familiar with.  Can anyone provide any direction on where we'd look to see how we cold possibly have impacted permissions (seemingly across the board) through our custom theme?


      Also appreciate any suggestions on posting this elsewhere in the JC. 


      Jive External Communities