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    New Bug Submission


      My Producteev network has completely disappeared.


      My account was linked with my husband's account and suddenly when I log in, I only see his network. When he logs into his account, he only sees his network. My network has just vanished.


      Neither he nor I went through the steps to delete my network. I was adding tasks to his network the last time I was on Producteev, but I don't think I logged out or anything with it on his account, and I don't know why that would lead to my network getting deleted anyway.


      As Producteev is an app meant to help organize your entire professional and personal life, and I use it as such, this is very disrupting and causing some serious anxiety. It's like my brain got deleted.


      Is there something I can do? Is there anyway I can recover my network with all of my lists or is it just lost? How or why would such a thing even happen?


      Thank you for your time and assistance. I really appreciate it.



      Stephanie Carroll