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    Do analytics exist for Jive app/mobile web usage?


      Hi All,


      I am looking for information about how our user base accesses our Jive instance via mobile devices. We are on Jive 7.0.3 and when accessing our site via a mobile device, the user is prompted to either continue to the Mobile web version of the site or download the Jive app. We are planning to disable the option for accessing the site using the Jive app, but first would like to get a handle on how many people may be using teh app.


      I reviewed Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)  but didnt see anythign related to mobile/ app usage. Does anyone know if this exists and if so what is the best way of getting the data?





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          Scott A Johnson

          Hi Mike,


          One of our customers was just looking for this information. Long story short, not really. We were able to request this info from our  TAM, Jeremy Simantel, and a week or so later, they were able to pull together the data. He did say that it turned out to be a non-trivial effort on their side to pull those numbers together and that they wouldn't be able to provide it on a regular basis.


          It sounds like your need is for a one-off report to get an idea of usage, so you could make the same request of your TAM, but I don't want to guarantee you'll get it.


          If you wanted to try to get the data yourself using the DES, you could try checking for useragent (context->web->useragent) values that indicate mobile apps instead of browser. I'm not sure what the useragent value will be for apps, but I assume it will be different than browsers.


          I'd be interested to hear back what you find out.




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