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    Would like activity stream in Tile on Page for Space


      Our firm is about to launch our Jive community and I'm finalising the setup of each firm Space.
      The Activity Stream as a landing page is great, but there's limited tile space and the overall look is just too 'busy'.


      I'm trying to create a Page with tiles but really want to keep the Activity Stream in the main area because it might motivate users to engage more...
      The problem is that I cannot find a tile that provides the same view/layout of the stream on the Activity landing page.


      What I have is below, but the feed I have in that middle tile is just using a content area view's code (browseSite=content&browseViewID=placeContent&userID=2019&containerType=14&containerID=2014&filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D)


      I want it to look like:


      Can this be achieved?  if so, how?

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          Hi Reece,


          While the "Activity" page's view cannot be replicated exactly in a space/group's "Page" the super tile can provide a list of content, or the popular content tile will also show a similar view, for example:


          Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.43.15 AM.png


          Additionally, if you would like to see an "Activity Page" style tile available I would suggest submitting an idea in the Ideas for Jive space where our Product Managers review through top rated ideas when considering features for future releases.



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              Thanks for getting in touch Jesse.  Unfortunately the popular content tile relies on like and shares. Our community is brand new and has only just been seeded with content.  So there is little to no feedback activity to populate that tile.
              And the Super List - while dynamic - only shows content based on a view you have elsewhere.  But it can't do more than one view at a time.  So it's either content, or activity by people, or whatever.  But it doesn't show preview information like the 'Activity Stream'.


              It's frustrating because the 'Activity Stream' is available as a widget, but not a tile.  It's the same with a number of other widgets too!  So if widget based overviews are soon to be deprecated, you'd assume that much of the features that made them so useful would be implemented as tiles to be used on Pages.


              I'll make the suggestion in Ideas for Jive, but I'd like it noted that this problem is far from just minor.
              It affects the whole way our community is presented.