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    What happens to rejected registration applications? Can we give second chances?


      Hi all,


      In a community where registration is moderated, what happens to the information about rejected applicants? (Jive-X Cloud)


      I tested what happens when an applicant reapplies to the community after being rejected.

      • Using the same email address, the re-applicant hitting "Confirm address" on the login page is informed "(address) is already in use".
      • Attempting to log in with the previously indicated username and password results in  the message "It appears your account has been deactivated..."


      If we change our minds about the applicant (of simply reject them accidentally) we need to be able to let them to reapply. How? In the Admin Console > People > User Search area, the rejected username is not there, so there's no account to activate. Is there anywhere to find the rejected user's account and manually activate it?


      Thanks. - Josh

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          Hi Josh,


          I understand you're looking to resubmit a user's registration for moderation approval.  At this time, I don't see an easy way to do this since rejected users are in a hidden state and cannot be searched.  So to workaround this, you could try navigating to the user profile:




          In a modern browser, if you open the developer console (F12 in IE9+ or right-click and select Inspect Element on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), you'll be able to view the HTML elements of the page.  If you do a search for userid, you'll see the avatar values such as this:


          <a href="/people/rejected.user?tab=connections" title="Rejected User" class="j-avatar  jiveTT-hover-user" data-userid="2036" data-online="false" data-presence="null" data-externalid="" data-avatarid="1016" data-username="rejected.user"><img class="jive-avatar" src="/images/jive-avatar-disabled.png" data-avatarid="1016" data-username="rejected.user" height="46" data-height="46" width="46" alt="Rejected User" title="Rejected User"></a>


          Where data-userid="2036" is what you're looking for.  Using this, you may then navigate as an admin to /admin/editUserProfile!input.jspa?userId={numeric_userid}, and then click on "Submit for Moderation":




          I went ahead and filed JIRA bug JIVE-64451 to report this to engineering.  Please feel free to use this workaround in the meantime and submit a support case if needed to troubleshoot this further.  If you'd like to track the bug resolution, please submit a support case and feel free to @mention me and I'll attach this bug for you.



          Jeph Yang

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