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    Non-clickable Images


      I have a page that has images that are hyperlinked and ones that are not.  When a user hovers over the non-hyperlinked images, a hand icon appears and allows the user to click on the image which opens it up in a window within that page.  Is it possible to remove this functionality in order to differentiate between hyperlinked and non-hyperlinked images?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Toby,


          While the default behavior of the RTE and Formatted text widgets is to display images with the Zoom functionality (clickable). If you are wanting to display an image without this feature, the HTML widget should allow you to insert custom HTML code which would not be "clickable."


          If you are interested in this option and would like to collaborate with others on the possible custom code needed for the widget I would recommend checking out the Jive Developers space here in the Jive Community, where other developers share and discuss customizations they have made in their Jive instances.



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              Jordan Dayton

              Hey Jesse Fuller!


              I know how to make images clickable/not clickable in the html in an html tile or widget, but I"m having an issue with images appearing clickable in DOCUMENTS.


              I want to use an image as visual branding on the page but when I publish the doc, the image is clickable and it shows a larger version of the image. Is there any html mod that I can do in order to prevent my image banner from looking clickable?