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    Jive for Android 4.0

      Jive, designed for Android. Welcome to your workstyle.


      The Jive Mobile team is pleased to announce the latest release of our Jive-n mobile application. We’ve redesigned the entire interface for a better user experience, including full support for landscape mode and Likes on content. Native content types and comments have also been completely redesigned for better look and feel. Other new and improved features in this release include:


      Faster Comment Navigation

      Scroll through the comment tree and get back to the original post quickly using the improved comment navigation.


      Voting for Ideas and Polls

      View, vote, and see the results of your community's ideas and polls.


      Viewing Search Results by People, Places, and Content Tabs

      Search your community and view results on People, Places, and Content tabs.


      Marking Inbox Items Read or Unread

      Swipe Inbox items to mark them read or unread.


      Resizing Photos

      Resize an image when inserting it into a post to save time and data.


      Marking and Unmarking Correct Answers

      Mark and unmark answers Correct when you’re the author of a post.




      Script for re-packing/re-signing the Jive Android app binary

      How To: Configure the Jive Android App For Enterprise Distribution



      Please direct your mobile release and roadmap questions to Shantanu Rangnekar and/or Sandy Cook