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    Bulk update user property field




      We are on Jive 7.0.3 and plan to add a new property field to our user setup for the purpose of filtering on community manager reports. This field needs to be populated initially and at regular intervals after that (about once a month) I am trying to determine the fastest approach for getting this done. So far I have identified two options:


      1. Create the new property field in Jive admin. Then bulk populate this field either programmatically via the api or via some export/import process where we bulk update the new field, then import back into Jive.

      2. Create a new field within Active Directory and bulk update there and have it automatically pulled into jive with the other AD profile information.


      Before I go with option 2, I wanted to see if there was a simple way to export user property fields, bulk update them, and import them back into Jive. I appreciate any other suggestions as well!