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    Have "reply" option on discussions use the "Advanced Editor" instead of the basic editor for replies


      Hello all,


      Currently when replying to a discussion you get an inline editor with the option on the editor to click on a link that says "Use advanced editor" if you want to post a reply using an advanced text editor.


      This takes you to /create-advanced-comment.jspa which references the message id that you are replying to. Users are requesting that when "Reply" is clicked, it uses the advanced editor. They are ok with being redirected to the create-advanced-comment page. I can see that when the browser requests this page it sends an id as a parameter. Given that, I tried to have the Reply link navigate to  /create-advanced-comment.jspa?id=xxxxx which looks like it works great. However, if a user clicks the "Cancel" button to abort leaving a reply they are redirected to their profile page instead of back to the referring discussion page.


      It seems like create-advanced-comment.jspa does some additional processing to redirect the user back to the referring discussion page when the cancel button is clicked.


      Is there a way to either:

      A. Have the advanced editor appear inline when leaving a reply in a discussion or

      B. Redirect the user to create-advanced-comment.jspa on clicking "Reply" (instead of having to click Reply--> Use advanced editor) while maintaining the Cancel button functionality that takes you back to the referring page instead of to the user's profile page?


      Ideally I would like a solution that can use script in the theme but if its possible to customize this via an app then I'm game. Has anyone had experience with this?