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    Why isn't my new app showing up in the apps menu?




      I've been struggling to get even a very simple app uploaded and selectable in my environment.


      I'm generating an example app using the jive-sdk and modifying those generated files to be Jive hosted. While I can upload the file without error and apparently with the correct configuration, the app isn't appearing in the app menu or anywhere else I can find.


      I'm at a loss as to what else to simplify or do differently to try and get this working.


      I'm working out of: Jive SBS


      My steps are as follows and are, largely, taken from:

      Creating Jive-hosted Apps

      This community post

      Getting Started > Installing the Jive Node SDK


      1. Login to node server where jive-sdk is installed
      2. login as root: sudo su -
      3. cd to directory for add on creation
      4. Use jive-sdk list to see available add on variants to generate
      5. run: jive-sdk create app
      6. run: npm update to pull project dependencies
      7. run: node app.js to create the extension.zip file for upload to jive
      8. Kill node server with ctrl-c
      9. Save extension.zip somewhere it can be edited, and unzip
      10. Create a public directory
      11. Move the "./apps/simpleapp/" directory into the public directory
      12. Open meta.json file
        1. edit the "service_url" to "http:"
        2. Remove the "redirect_url" property
      13. Open the definition.json
        1. Modify the "url" property to "/public/apps/simpleapp/app.xml" to point to the local app.xml file
      14. Select the add on project files and zip as extension.zip
      15. Follow steps to upload the add on here: Installing an Add-on into Your Community
      16. Open the app from the "Apps" global navigation menu


      Is there some, hidden, final step required to actually view this app I believe I've created?


      Any help is appreciated.


      *UPDATE: Found a screenshot of the file structure for self hosting apps which allowed me to piece together the project structure. Updated steps in red