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    Not able to move events from One place to Other using osapi


      we are trying to move events from one place to other using osapi where we are getting the content from content service and updating its parent. But we are unable to move the "Events" and the response is as follows




      I have attached the payload I want to do a PUT request and here is the method for updating


      updateContentParentPlace : function(contentId, targetPlaceUrl) {

              var deferred = Q.defer();

              var content_url = opensocial.getEnvironment()['jiveUrl'] + "/api/core/v3/contents/" + contentId

              osapi.jive.corev3.contents.get({"uri": content_url}).execute(function (content) {

                  content.parent = targetPlaceUrl;

                  content.categories = [];

                  content.update({"minor": "true"}).execute(function (response) {

                      if (response.error) {

                          if(response.error.code == "peopleNotActiveAccount"){

                              delete content.authors;

                              content.update({"minor": "true"}).execute(function (resp) {

                                  if (resp.error)





                          } else {








              return deferred.promise;



      Pawan Shah , I have used your add on source as a base for my customization. Do you have any Idea why this is throwing error for events?