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    Invalid Client certificate error with IOS 6+ with Jive App when


      Hi Jive tech support

      My collegues and I have been asked to use Jive for collaboration. Our corporate policy is to use client certificate authetication.


      From my safari browser on my iPhone 6+, I can access the web interface and log into our jive web app at http://Ac.akamai.com

      Safari successfully uses saml and directs us to the idp where the client cert is successfully supplied and we authenticate with username and password. The idp the federates me back to the jive login and I get seem less access.

      The above steps confirm that my account is good, cert auth works and username and password are correct.


      When I open the Jive App, I put in Ac.akamai.com and hit next. It tries to perform the saml authentocation and the. returns the following error.

      "Invalid Client Certificate" Contact your system administrator to validate your certificate.


      Can you please address this issue? My client cert is fine and is pushed out by our Airwatch Mdm.

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          I have done a little more troubleshooting.

          Although Safari on the iPhone 6+ is able to authenticate and get access, when I try with Firefox I get a similar message (same with Chrome, Opera and K9).


          So it seems it's a way of IOS storing the client certificate and other apps like Jive, Firefox, Chrome is not able to access the certificate store.


          Aone got any ideas on how to allow Jive to access the ios client certificate store?