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    Helpful answers = assumed answered?


      Is there a setting that enables you to automatically mark a question as "assumed answered" if it gets X number of helpful answers? I thought I read that somewhere....

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          Hi Claire, I love this setting!  It helps clear up the unanswered questions widget / tile for truly unanswered  questions and also gives you a better idea of your question resolution rate. 


          If you are on Jive 8 or Cloud, it's under System > Settings > Structured Outcomes.

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              Thanks for the fast response Christy. Is there a recommended threshold of Helpfuls?

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                  I'd love to hear what the rest of the Internal Community members think.


                  When the feature first came out I used to say it depends on the size of your community.  The more employees participating should mean a higher threshold.  I've scrapped that logic and now I start with 5.  No matter your size if 5 other people found an answer to be helpful, then it seems to me the likelihood of having a good answer is high.  So I start with 5 and then if we need to adjust we can adjust.  So far I haven't needed to adjust. (I've worked with about 5 customers who've gone with that threshold so far without issue.)

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                      Adam Arrowsmith

                      Hi Christy Schoon,


                      I've been working with this feature in our jive-x cloud external community and noticed it working differently than I expected--I had to raise to support for confirmation.


                      Apparently it's not the minimum number of replies on a given reply, but rather the total number of replies that have been marked helpful. In other words if the threshold was 10, it means it would only be marked assumed answered if there were 10 different replies each marked as helpful, but it would NOT be marked as assumed answered if one of those replies was marked helpful 10 times. I'm trying to understand the rationale behind that: for example if there was one reply that 10 people found helpful I would think that would suffice as answering the question in lieu of the original poster or moderator marking it as correct.


                      Any other perspectives here?