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    GETting the address and/or country for members of a security group


      Hi all,

      I'm struggling with a get that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

      Jive REST API v3.13 → SecurityGroup service


      I successfully pull email and name with the following curl command and dump it in a csv file names resellers.csv:

      curl -v -u MyUserName:Password "https://community.lifesize.com/api/core/v3/securityGroups/Number/members?fields=name,emails,-resources&sort=id&count=100" -o "resellers.csv"


      I try adding country or addresses or address or locale and nothing is added to the output.

      For each member, I see id, emails, name, type, and typeCode.


      Can I pull locale or country or address with the api? Does members not use the person fields?

      Jive REST API v3.13 → Person entity


      Thank you for any help here.