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    Producteev: how to back-date a task?


      Hi folks,


      I've searched for this and cannot seem to find out how to 'back-date' an item.  That is, when a task is created, it behaves as if a task started when the task is created within Producteev.


      What about tasks/projects that have been being worked on for weeks, months, years?  Then it's skewed in terms of how much progress has been made since the project began.


      If that isn't clear, let me give an example..


      A task is created.    It's considered to have begun when it's created. Is there a way to set the date associated with that task to something else?   So say I started working on this new task a year ago, could the date be set to '11-18-2014'?


      For metrics reports, this will be essential to how my team uses the application.