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    Using Jive for A/B Testing

    Patty McEnaney

      Gui Batista -- I am hoping to use Jive for A/B testing and our tech team just communicated that research they did revealed there is no way to mask comments or content ratings (using the 5 stars). We feel that if testers can see the evaluations or comments of others, it may skewy their perceptions. We do have the Ideation Module, but we are only contemplating having three to five testers at a time and think a separate space devoted to this project would make more sense. Any ideas? Copying eric.fowler@envestnet.com my manager on this as well. Thanks!


      Bianca Richman I saw a post by you a year ago about possibly using Jive for A/B testing. Can you share anything you did that would be helpful? We would like to use our internal community to help us test product prototypes, etc. Can anyone else share your experience as to how you actually did this -- polls, ideation or collaborative spaces...

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          Gui Batista

          Patty, you can create a space and give the permission to create ideas to only the 3-5 testers you want to create ideas. Hope that helps!

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            I'd be curious to hear how you accomplish this kind of testing. Although I wonder if you are using it in the way I had hoped to. We wanted to test two different versions of the Home page to see which got better reception from our employees. Is this what you are trying to do? Or do you have two different versions of a Jive Document or something and you are asking people to vote on which they like better? Trying to see if your use case is anything like what we were trying to accomplish.

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                Patty McEnaney

                Hi Tracy,


                My initial research in the Jive Community surfaced this post and Idea from neilmussett who described wanting to use Jive to test two different versions of a home page. Idea: Advanced Testing Tools for Jive  He, I think, was trying to do what you hope to accomplish. I am asking a small group of three to five testers to view an A, B and maybe a C version of design schematics for a product interface we are developing. So, these testers won't need to identify ideas for voting up (that I can think of) and instead would be commenting on what they liked better. My concern is if we set up a space and post the three versions, that each tester can post comments or rate content that the other testers may be swayed by. Our tech team did some research in the JC and suggested we use a moderated space with this workaround:


                Workaround Solution for comments:-

                1) Add moderators to the space

                2) Enable moderation for the "comments"

                3)Users can post their comments, but it will be visible only to the moderators.


                The ratings will be visible to all the users, but it is possible to prevent users or groups save their own ratings.

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                  Hi Tracy Maurer,


                  Were you ever able to conduct A/B testing? We are also looking into this for the exact same purpose you just described. Any info or advise you can provide would be excellent.


                  Thank you,



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                      We didn't figure out a way to do this. I'd still love to do it, but wasn't able to find anyone who could offer an option. I would think that since we have two different nodes there could be a way to manage it, but I don't think you can host a different page on each node.


                      If you hear otherwise, I'd of course be interested.  J