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    Will adding custom fields to "Ideas" affect existing ideas?


      Hi there. We're looking at adding a number of custom fields to our current Idea submission options. I realize this is a global change, but I'm curious ... What will adding those custom fields do to older ideas that are already in the system?


      Will they be unaffected, or will they get the new custom fields slapped on top of them?


      I'd appreciate any insight other users might have. Not opposed to testing this, but figured I'd fish for a definitive answer first. Thanks!


      - Chris Wilson

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          Hi Chris Wilson,


          We use the ideation module for our company's internal innovation campaigns. I am working on a blog post related to this so thanks for the reminder to publish it!


          Custom fields are a great option if you need to create a form for users to enter specific information in the idea. We use custom fields for our internal Hackdays and ask each person to enter their name and contact information. We can pull a report and see the data from the custom fields too!


          W/r/t your questions.... As you mention, custom idea fields are a global setting. If you create new form fields they will appear across your entire community in all groups, spaces, and projects. This will not change any previous idea entries but it will change the fields for all ideas in your Jive instance. While we use custom fields for our Hackdays this disrupts all other communities using ideas. Other groups and spaces see the extra fields and tend to wonder why they are there. So we added "For Hackday Only" to the field text. We cannot make these required fields, but the option is available if you need it.


          Please note: Custom idea responses do not save. You have to copy+paste all custom responses and update each idea. The work around would be to export all the data using the report and then post the spreadsheet. Otherwise, once you remove the fields the content is lost with it. We learned this the hard way.


          I created two Jive Product ideas to improve the ideation module. Feel free to check them out and upvote if you agree.


          I also asked a related question in the Jive Developers Community: Using Custom Idea Fields


          Hope that helps!

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            Hi Chris Wilson


            If this is something you're still looking at I have also re- added a product improvement idea around this issue here -


            The previous idea of this nature was archived, so if you agree please up-vote to get this improvement considered!