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    400 error, "There was an error fetching file http://url. HTTP error code: 403" when trying to attach a document to a Jive place using the REST API.


      The document is reachable by cURL and the browser, but it is throwing the above error when using the REST API v3. 




          "type": "document",

          "subject": "document",

          "visibility": "place",

          "parent": "http://url.com/api/core/v3/places/PLACE_ID",


              { "type": "text/html",

                "text": "<body><p>This document.</p></body>"



            "doUpload": true,

             "url" : "http://url.com/themes/file.jpg"




      Given response:



        "error" : {

        "message" : "There was an error fetching file http://url.com/themes/file.jpg. HTTP error code: 403",

        "status" : 400




      The file resides on the same server as the Jive instance. Is there anything missing on the request?