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    REST API: Find people/space by URL. Is this possible?




      I created a little tool to add following or membership to different groups/communities.


      Now I want to enhance it to enable it to let people follow blogs of people/spaces or independent blogs.


      The problem that I face now is that it is hard to find the people entry of a blog by its URL.


      My input data looks like this.


      email<at>domain.com        https://jive.domain.com/people/doe%20john/blog


      So I have the email address of the person that should follow the blog and the url of the blog to follow. In the returned data of objects from JIVE there is a resources.html.ref field which exactly contains this link. Is it possible to search for it?


      If not, how to make sure to get the right person? Displayname and name do not contain the corresponding data. They have firstname and lastname swapped. Only matching in my tests was the username. Is my assumption correct that the URL of people uses its username property behind https://jive.domain.com/people/ ?


      Any help apreciated.


      Thanks in advance