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    How do I continue numbering in an ordered list when inserting an image in the list?


      Even if I remove the extra <ol> & </ol> tags that are inserted, it still restarts the numbering. See example below:


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        1. Select a user who will be given access to view the Analytics Dashboard. Then access the role page by selecting Admin > Roles.

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          Hi Kim,


          I'm sorry to hear about the numbering list issue you're seeing.  I'm not sure which version of Jive you're on, but when I create a list, I've always used Shift+Return (Enter) before inserting an image and then a normal carriage return at the end of the image to resume the number. I delete any excess lines when they're present to restart/adjust the numbering.  For example, here's your same data (using copy and paste without formatting) being edited in the Jive Community:




          And here's an example from scratch:




          After the image, are you doing a carriage return?  And are you creating the list from scratch, or are you editing existing data (first screencap)?



          Jeph Yang