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    HTML Widget? <a> not clickable with <div>?

    dougmackay Advanced


      I have an HTML widget that acts as a main landing area for a sub-space.


      Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.45.10 AM.png


      The html file works great as a stand-alone file for testing but once I place the code into a HTML widget the <a href> links won't work.


      So I'm absolutely missing something unique about Jive and rely on the community to tell me I'm foolish and should know better.


      I'm trying to do this (to help you from downloading the file, but feel free if you want...it's attached)

      "<a href="https://jfive-consulting.jiveon.com/community/practices/digital-innovation/digital-strategy">

        <div class="block" id="strategyAction"><p>Drive the<br><span>Strategy</span></p>

        <div class="backgroundImg"></div>




      Now, I've read that you cannot put blocks into anchors but ...well, it works....on most things. So my confusion comes up with Jive. How do I get a block of div to be clickable to an internal link? The behaviour I want is for the user to clock on any of these blocks and travel to the link that they are associated to.


      The crazy thing is that the <a href...>  links work beautifully for the icons (jive, box, etc.) which makes me tear my hair out.


      Anyone have a solution? I know I'm missing something...probably extraordinarily basic.