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    JIVE activity api not returning full comment(longest text)


      Hi ,


      I am trying retrieve activities and streams from jive using REST API. when we post a longest comment to the community, the jive activity API(streams API) not returning full comment text in summary field. I think there is a limit to characters for summary field in activity service so its is returning trimmed comment(~ 230 characters if the original comment is of 500 characters), where as in jive community there is an option 'show more'/ 'show less' to display full comment. do we have any other API or special parameters to get full comment text(summary field) through rest API? is it possible to get total summary(full comment in present scenario) irrespective of characters count.


      ref : https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/ActivityService.html#getActivity