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    Prevent "Create Poll" link from displaying in custom createmenu.soy


      I have a custom theme in which we have created createmenu.soy to custumize how our create menu displays. In the soy file, the menu links are generated like this in the template:


      {foreach $item in $section.items}

                          {if ($item.visible)}

                              {if ($item.appAction)}

                                  {call .appActionLink data="$item"}

                                      {param smallView: $smallView/}



                                  {call .contentTypeLinkItem data="$item"}

                                      {param smallView: $smallView /}




      One of the "items" in $section.items is the "Poll" link. I would like to set the $item.visible property to false for polls. I do not want to disable polls via system properties because we display links to create a poll in other areas of our theme. But for here we would like to disable them. Does anyone know how this can be done? Is there any documentation on the $item variable? If so, I can check if there is a property such as item.name that is equal to poll and not display it if that is true.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!