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    Need a complete different mindset to learn jive


      This is not the regular text book learning where you go step by step.  Collaboration is the future and Jive is a perfect vehicle to help you collaborate.

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          I would agree with you, but maybe for reasons that are different from why you posted this. Can you give more detail about what you mean?

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            Hi Charul,


            It will help us to help you if we knew your positions and what you're trying to accomplish. Are you a community manager? A group manager? A user? IT Admin? What is the aim of your community? How are you trying to edit the user interface?


            Personally, I've been a Jive admin for about three years, and I've never needed to to do any front-end coding. The out-of-the-box tools meet almost all of our needs, though sometimes we just need to think of things a little differently in order to accomplish our aims with the tools at hand.


            Here's an insight that might help you: Many people who have some experience with programming or code-level web design approach design of Jive pages and sites by posing

                 "Here is the design and functionality I have in mind. How do I get Jive to do that?"


            This approach often leads to frustration for three reasons:

            • Jive's tools are reasonably sophisticated, and it takes a lot of labor to develop similar tools from scratch
            • Jive environments contain a lot of constraints that make certain things nearly impossible (for instance, changing the default horizontal spacing between tiles) even if such things are very easy when programming a page at the code level.
            • You may not be aware of all the Jive tool capabilities and limitations, so there may be tools available that do a better job than the custom code you propose


            Here is an approach that will probably be more effective:

                 "Here is the aim I am trying to accomplish. What are the available Jive tools that apply, and how do I configure them for my specific need?"


            I suggest you do some hands-on exploration to teach yourself: set up a secret space or group and simply install all the tiles and widgets you can, just so you can learn more about how they work first-hand. That way, you'll know the capabilities and be able to frame your design and configuration questions in a way that will improve your chances of reaching a happy solution.


            Good luck! - Josh

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                Josh, thank you for your detailed response.  I am learning Jive to fill in the role of Jive Administrator.  As this point, I am not fully aware of the day to day tasks.  However, few lines from role description suggested that a person with coding experience is needed.

                "- Jive Software in Cloud experience

                - Looking for system administrator for maintaining the configurations available through the admin console, and interacting with Jive when their assistance is required . Managing security for Spaces and Social Groups, Managing Permission Groups. Experience in using the Jive REST APIs to alter certain configurations;preferably through a scripting or programming platform"


                I took the Jive Internal Community Manager training but I did not get exposure on how to perform the above tasks or other Admin level tasks.  At this point, I am only looking for free tutorials. 


                You mentioned, I could do some Admin specific hands-on exploration.  Could you please suggest few links on how to get started.  Appreciate all your help in this.  Please let me know if you have any time when I can connect with you.








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                    Hi Charul,


                    It sounds like you were brought in to manage an existing community that has some custom code that connects your instance to other systems. In that case, the learning track would be something like:

                    • Basic Jive tools (as a user):
                      • How to post discussions, documents, blogs, etc., including how to insert tables, photo, video, and how to attach documents
                      • How to reply, comment, like, rate, share
                      • How to move and branch discussions
                      • How to mark questions being answered/helpful/assumed answered/un-marked as questions
                    • Simple management
                      • Managing a group: layout, tiles, widgets, tile/widget configuration, categories, membership management, privacy settings
                      • Managing a space: same as group, but with no membership, but plus greater permissions control
                      • Permissions groups and their management in the Admin console
                      • Community Manager Reports, other place reports
                    • Sort-of advanced management
                      • Admin console settings of various types
                    • Advanced management
                      • REST API stuff and customizations


                    Of course, this is a simple sketch and is incomplete. However, once you proceed with these, you'll find other things to explore.


                    Perhaps someone else has something structured, but I'd simply start getting more familiar with all aspects of the user-level experience.


                    Have fun! - Josh

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