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    Customers are overwhelmed by amount of content...suggestions?


      Hi there


      We have been live with Jive for almost 8 months now, and we transitioned from a much simpler platform where we just had a discussion board and ideas board. Now we have this robust functionality with TONS of content in all different places (Jive x) and after gather a lot of feedback and testing, our users have reported to be overwhelmed by the amount of content now in our Community and confused by the notion of discussions and documents in different areas based on topic / type.


      My question is...has anyone else come across this issue and how did you solve it? Do you have any tips or suggestions for how to organize content on Jive in a consumable format for customers? I look forward to responses!




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          Billy Volpone

          Love this question Liz! There are a few experts I think could contribute quite a bit here, but from what I've seen work well, the key is often more topic based areas. Not saying more or less in the amount of groups/spaces, but simply creating more topic-specific destinations instead of broader "discuss anything here" type sections. Also, many sites are combining documents and discussions into the same area, instead of separating them into two. One of the sites I like is what Akamai has done (Welcome | Akamai ). On their landing page, you can see this great organization of topic based areas and within each section is rich media, discussions, documentation and ideas (when appropriate). Maybe Jamie Pappas would be willing to share some of her insight from Akamai and her other Jive-x community experience as well.

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            Jennifer Kelley

            Hi Liz excellent question and a very common one after a migration or generally as a vibrant community matures.  I recommend a few things to curate and consolidate content as it proliferates, including:

            • Run (export to CSV) both a Places report and Content leaderboard report from CMRs to understand which places and content items are most viewed/used and which (particularly places) are not getting as much usage. Look for opportunities to merge or archive (or even cull) places that are either duplicate or have fallen out of use (but make sure to migrate any useful content or threads).  Billy's suggestion for consolidating around topical areas (or segmenting by functional role) is a good place to start.
            • Make sure you are using Structured Outcomes and Promoted Search features (on Jive-x Cloud and version 8) to elevate top answered questions and/or official content and FAQs to help connect your users to the most relevant items when they search.
            • Periodically review your core user paths, CTAs and featured content on the home page (and navigation) to make sure they align to your users' needs and key areas of interest.


            I'm thinking this is an area where Emilie Kopp and Christina Zurkawicz have a lot of experience and rules of thumb!

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                Yep. This is a juicy topic indeed. The first thought that comes to mind is we're now venturing into some legitimate information architecture strategy. So there is no silver bullet/easy answer: everyone's design will be unique to the experience you need to deliver.


                If you haven't already, you might want to engage someone on your UX team to partner with. I'd want to understand more about how your visitors expect to find information when they come to your site. For instance, it sounds like they are more used to browsing than searching based on your feedback. In that case, Billy 's  recommendations may be more actionable than Jennifer's. (Although +1 to her recommendation to leverage Structured Outcomes and Promoted Search, two of my most favorite improvements Jive has made to their product in the past couple of updates.)


                It might also be helpful to share the business case for your community. For example, is it utilized more for customer support or for thought-leadership/in-bound marketing? In cases of the former, the searching experience has be top-notch. If it's the latter, focusing on the browsing experience will be key.


                Thanks for starting the discussion. I'm hooked and hoping Marketo can become a best-in-class example.

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                    Thanks for your input Emily.


                    I agree understanding how our users want to find info is key and we've collected a lot of feedback over the last few months in this regard...and we continue to. I'd say our users are used to having one place to go, meaning one long discussion thread where as now (which is the whole purpose / reasoning behind me asking this question) they enter into a very complex community where content is spread out in all different areas. Lot's of benefits but a big "Who moved my cheese" situation.


                    Our business case happens to be both...so that presents us with an interesting challenge. The community is definitely to offset support calls / costs and help our users get help using our software. However now that we have moved to Jive we have put a lot of energy into building out our Marketing Central area (new concept of us and our users) which is focused on digital marketing thought leadership.

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                        Billy Volpone

                        You bring up a really important strategy point/issue Liz. What users are used to (which isn't usually a very good UX model) and how we would ideally offer them navigation, can be really different. We had a great speaker a couple years ago at JiveWorld that spoke about this topic, in a way, regarding how some people just don't adapt well to change, even when it's for the better. His recommendations covered many fun messages, but much of it related back to making the new option so much easier/more compelling they couldn't deny it... or make the pain clear and get them to agree why a change is needed (without focusing so much on what the change is itself... yet).


                        I think the thought leadership steps you're already taking are solid and could easily be built-on effectively, but those central/hard to navigate and broad "discussion" areas might turn off new users as much as they compel those older users that have basically just gotten used to noisy streams. As I mentioned above, while mapping this out often creates more groups, I don't think there needs to be a crazy amount more. But testing the waters a bit, even with a parent/child space and sub-space model is a nice step in the organizational direction for support. I feel like in some cases, the amount of groups might not always be the issue as much as groups that seem to serve the same purpose. For instance, "support" to me means knowledge base documents and discussions. If I see a "product" group, I might expect discussions and education in there... but there's also a "discussion" group separate from both of those, so which one do I immediately go to? The blending of these areas creates that overlap confusion and that's where I think in some cases, even a few more groups... but really clearly laid out purpose-built groups on "here is what is found/discussed here", could help navigation immensely.



                        To your question below, I think you will love both structured outcomes and promoted results. I'll give you an idea of both here:

                        Structured Outcomes: These give admins the ability to quickly mark content as "Official" or "Outdated" based on time or other factors. For example, JiveWorld 2014 info is useful but outdated as we now prep for JiveWorld 2016. The ability to mark items isn't just for quick visibility for the user when reading them, but also for search itself. Once you mark something as "Official", it's given a higher search priority... and anything marked as "Outdated" will drift lower in search results. Finally, "outdated" content even allows the admin to route users to the newest version of said content.


                        Official marker.PNG outdated.PNG



                        As for Promoted Content, this is like your own ability to have enterprise ad-words in your community. Within the admin console, you can begin associating specific content URLs with any keywords you'd like. You can even attach multiple promoted results for a single keyword. This allows you to finally make search result items sticky, so you'll know that when a certain item gets searched... XYZ piece of content will ALWAYS show up as the #1 result:



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                      Hi Jennifer


                      This is helpful thanks. Can you share more about Structured Outcomes and Promoted Search features and where I can get more info?