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    How to know how many mails will be send in a community?




      I would like to know how many mails will be send in a community in case in which each member activate their notification?


      I noticed there are difference between type of content is published. I have'nt same mail number with a blogpost than a discussion, why ?


      Thank you for your help

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          Hi Manon,


          I understand you're looking to quantify how many emails are sent in a given community if all users have email notifications enabled.  Unfortunately, this is difficult to come by without investigating directly and reviewing each user.  Since there are a large number of variables (e.g. user preferences, follow and notification preferences, following to an activity stream, following to your inbox, different content types etc.), then there's no simple answer.   I would recommend taking a look at the documentation here:


               How Email Notifications Work


          In general, if you have email notifications enabled for the inbox or stream and are following content or places to this, you should expect to receive an email per each new activity.  If you're seeing a specific issues with email not being sent, I would recommend submitting a support case in your Jive Community customer group for direct troubleshooting.


          I hope this helps.  Let me know if you had any other questions.



          Jeph Yang