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    Jive API : send a message and view notifications


      Currently looking for a solution to allow users to send a message to other users from within a separate client application (not jive).


      Since Jive Chime can't be embedded into an application, we are looking into the ability to send a private message to a user from a drop down (similar to private messaging in Jive now).

      Since this isn't real time chat, also having the ability to show the user's notifications so that they are aware that they have got a response is a must.


      the API for messages doesn't seem to be the same as a private message: Jive REST API v3.13 → Message service


      looking at the network activity from how Jive sends messages it looks like its using collaborations to do private messaging? but the documentation on this part is minimal : Jive REST API v3.13 → Collaboration service


      For the notification part it might just be as simple as having a looping check for unread messaging from Jive REST API v3.13 → Inbox service .


      If there is a better way to approach this problem I am open to suggestions. If not, currently looking for more insight on how to send a private message to user(s).



      John V.