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    Content/Launch Strategy?


      We will be opening up our community to a small group of customers in the new year, and I'm wondering if there is any documentation/recommendation on how we should approach this launch.

      Internally, we have been requesting our support team and customer experience team to populate some content, but momentum here has been slow. Have others populated their community with a lot of content before opening it up to customers?


      The following is what we have planned:

      - short videos/tutorials on using the community

      - a group designated to the beta group to provide feedback

      - direct calls to walk through the community with these customers

      - documentation "cheat sheets" on using the community

      - internal commitment from our support team for participation

      - a follow-up survey or call with beta participants on their experience with the portal


      Any other suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Saranya Yogarajah

          I've moved your question over to the External Communities group where other community managers from external communities can see your question as well. You're much more likely to get a variety of responses here.

          As far as my opinion goes, I think it's important to seed any space with content beforehand as well as have some really clear call-to-actions at the top of the group to get people moving in the right direction. I think your plan sounds good, the one thing I might add is: what compelling reason do your customers have to come into your community and join this group? Be sure that reason is strong enough to actually compel them to act. Basically, make sure your use case is strong because that will drive engagement.

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              Jennifer Kelley

              Thanks Libby!


              Hi Saranya Yogarajah.  It's wonderful to hear you are focused on your roll out and onboarding and making it a success.  It's definitely important when launching a new community or resource that there is something there to engage your users - as opposed to a blank slate - but that said you do not have to proliferate a lot of content in most cases to provide value and set the tone. 


              We generally focus on a few things for onboarding external / customer end users in Jive-x communities, adhering to the assumption that the community itself is going to be your chief avenue for welcoming and enabling your external end users. (There are exceptions of course, but that is the norm.)


              1. As Libby suggested, make sure your core user pathways and calls-to-action are visible, transparent, and aligned to things your customers and end users care about.  (E.g., Find product information, get answers to your questions, share an idea, etc.)
              2. Make sure one of your CTAs or prominent links is to a place called, "About the Community" or "Getting Started" - have a dedicated Space where you consolidate most of the materials you've listed above like how-tos, videos and a place to ask questions about the community itself. (For an example see AureaWorks Community Help)
              3. Make sure your materials and initial content address WHY to use this and the business rationale and benefits, not just how to do stuff in Jive.  Demonstrate your value proposition.
              4. Where feasible it is wonderful if you can do higher-touch engagement like a webex lunch & learn on the community and a session to collect and respond to questions and feedback.
              5. Be cognizant of the degree of change you are asking your users to make.  If it's changing where they access resources they are generally familiar with, that requires less support to transition than if you are asking them to engage in net new behaviors or interact very differently than they have in the past.
              6. Make sure you are set up to make their first impression or experience a positive one, whether that's providing valued content or access to an expert or just thanking them and responding to their questions and feedback.


              For some related free training resources, see Jive Platform Training and @[Archived] External Community Manager Fundamentals


              Hope that helps and if you have a chance please share examples of your roll out with us.

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